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About me


Greetings! I'm Elli Asker, a visual artist with roots tracing back to the vibrant city of Baku in the former Soviet Union. Currently, I call Stockholm, Sweden, my creative haven. Armed with a bachelor's degree in political science, I navigate the world of art with an interdisciplinary approach that knows no bounds.

My artistic journey is a kaleidoscope of influences, blending the rich cultural tapestry of my upbringing with the contemporary and diverse environment of my current home. My work is a testament to the confluence of these worlds, offering a unique perspective that transcends borders.

In my exploration of artistic expression, I delve into photography, collages, and a myriad of experimental techniques. This versatility allows me to break free from traditional constraints and infuse my creations with a dynamic energy. Each piece becomes a canvas for storytelling, weaving together elements of the past and present.

At the heart of my artistic mission lies a profound inquiry into the complex interplay between experiences of PTSD healing and the facets of queer and immigrant identities. Through my work, I seek to unravel the intricate threads that connect these seemingly disparate realms, shedding light on the resilience and strength inherent in the human spirit.

Beyond the confines of conventional artistic genres, I strive to create a space where emotions and narratives converge, fostering a dialogue that transcends cultural and societal boundaries. My art is a bridge, inviting viewers to engage with the profound stories embedded within each stroke and pixel.

Join me on this artistic odyssey as I continue to explore the intersections of identity, healing, and expression. Through my lens and creations, I invite you to embark on a visual journey that transcends geographical and cultural confines. Welcome to my world, where art becomes a powerful medium for understanding, connection, and celebration of the human experience.

Awards & Mentions





  • Solo exhibition, Circuit/Kretsen, Södertälje, Sweden. 6.4 - 21.4

  • Strängnäs Art gallery, Sweden. 11.4 - 18.4

  • Stockholms Konstsalong, (Jury-judged "Vårsalong 2024") 13.4 - 21.4


  • Circuit/Kretsen, "MINI", Södertälje, Sweden. 9.12 - 17.12

  • Strängnäs Art gallery, Sweden. Jury-judged Autumn salon.14.10 - 26.10

  • Art Bias, San Carlos, CA, USA. 08.09-29.09 

  • Circuit/Kretsen, "New Artists Members", Södertälje, Sweden. 26.8 - 10.09

  • Sony World Photography Awards 2023, Somerset House, London, UK. 14.04 - 1.05


  • Paris Photo Prize (PX3) exhibition State of the World, Paris, France. 

  • Trees, PhotoPlace Gallery, Middlebury, Vermont, USA /Juror: Wendi Schneider (online)

  • Shadows & Light, The Glasgow gallery of photography, Glasgow, UK (online)

  • Quiet Landscape, PhotoPlace Gallery, Middlebury, Vermont, USA / Juror: Jacob and Alissa Hessler

  • International Photography, The Glasgow gallery of photography, Glasgow, UK 




  • Member and curator of Art Association "Södertälje Circuit/Kretsen", Sweden, 2023-

  • Former member of European Press Agency (EUPA) 2022-2023

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