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I offer you a collection of abstract photographs in numbered limited editions. These images are works of abstract art that have liberated themselves from all of the common rules and references within photography and created their own realities.

I'm a proponent of abstract art, which does not seek to capture something or someone but to truly create via my lens. Your choice of an abstract piece of art also means selecting a classic design that will never go out of style.

Neon Fusion 

A mesmerizing blend of vibrant neon colors swirl and meld together, forming abstract lines that seem to dance across the frame. The lines intersect and overlap, creating a dynamic sense of movement. The composition is filled with energy and excitement, reminiscent of a futuristic neon cityscape.

Aquatic Rhapsody: A Diptych Tale

In the realm of abstract photoart, "Aquatic Rhapsody: A Diptych Tale" unfolds a mesmerizing narrative, akin to an Impressionist's brushstroke. This diptych invites you to wander through the serene enchantment of water, where fluid forms and gentle ripples dance together. With lyrical strokes of color and ethereal charm, it tells a harmonious tale of tranquil reflections and the dreams that ripple through the water's surface.

New Abstract 

The circular abstract photograph features a mesmerizing and intricate pattern in the center, with thin lines and shapes swirling and intertwining.  The circular shape adds to the sense of symmetry and balance, making the piece feel complete and self-contained.

 It is a piece that draws the viewer in with its intricate details and mesmerizing colors, inviting them to contemplate its meaning and significance. It would make an excellent addition to any art collection or exhibition, capturing the viewer's attention and sparking their imagination.

Neon Dreamscape 

This abstract photography series is a celebration of color, shape, and contrast. It is a visual feast that engages the viewer's senses and emotions, inviting them to explore and appreciate the power of vibrant, abstract forms. It would make a striking addition to any art collection or exhibition.

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