Above The Earth

The most impressive views from the airplane window open precisely on the rivers and their forms. At the height you begin to notice all the details. It is especially magical to watch how the very calm water creates a smooth surface and creates a contrast on the ground but smoothly merges with the Northern sea.

This series won an award Honorable Mention in MonoVisions Photography Awards 2022, category Abstract  and awarded title "Official Selection" in International Photography Awards (IPA) 2022 in category Nature/Aerial.

London Architecture

Modern London architecture's the using the geometric shapes was the inspiration for this series.

Monochrome Collection

Several images achieved Winning Placement, Honorable Mentions, and Official Selection in the 2022 International Photography Awards (IPA) and MonoVisions Photography Awards.


This series has a special place in my heart since I created it while grieving the loss of two persons close to me.

Shadow and Light

The light and shadows which appeared from my house's window gave as the idea for this series. One of my earliest photographs, with the theme "Shadow and light," was exhibited in The Glasgow Gallery of Photography.

Execution as a penalty

By creating this project, I encourage the viewer to delve into history and the visual story.


Once upon a time, terrible events occurred on the lovely island of Gotland, Sweden and between 1200 and 1845 AD, the island was the scene of brutal executions.


One of those places on Gotland was Galgeberget, (The gallows mountain), which used to be an execution site and burial place for executed people. Three stone pillars rise from a low, round stone wall that makes up the gallows. Convicts were hung on ropes and hooks from wooden beams that rested atop poles.


Among those executed were women and even children. It was not just the way in which one was executed that reflected how severe the punishment was, but how the body was handled after the execution. They were often burned after beheading.


Unfortunately, other than Galgberget, there are other execution sites on the island of Gotland, and this knowledge undoubtedly affected how this project was conceived.