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Artist Statement 

My art is a visual exploration of the complex emotions and experiences associated with PTSD, queer identity and the concept of belonging. Using abstract expressionist photography or collage, I aim to capture the fragmented nature of memories and emotions tied to trauma, while also exploring the innate human need for connection and a sense of place.

​Drawing from my own experiences of trauma and the stories of others, my work delves into the abstract and emotional aspects of this condition. My artistic approach involves experimentation and exploration of form, color, and texture to create visually captivating and emotionally resonant artworks. 

Through abstraction and collage I aim to create a visual language that conveys the complexity and depth of emotions, while also leaving room for interpretation and reflection by the viewer. I want my art to serve as a conduit for empathy, understanding, and healing, while also challenging societal stigmas and misconceptions surrounding mental health.

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