Neon city (in progress)

Eerily deserted industrial landscapes consume my "Neon City" series. Unusual vantage points in our modern world show new perspectives on the everyday places we pass through without a second thought. Now, enveloped in vivacious saturations of color and bleeds of light, they reveal sentiments beyond the mundane. Channeling the expressive spirit of masters like David Hockney and Benoît Paillé, the commonplace takes on new life in my visual perceptions and post-production of these familiar yet otherworldly scenes.


As I do in many series within my greater body of work, this collection is a direct expression of my mental state. I capture these landscapes with a distinctive play of light and my own accentuations of color to mirror the intense and fleeting feelings evoked within these unassuming spaces. The surreal nature of the images, distorted by vibrant colors and devoid of human figures, becomes a representation of the overwhelming sensation of an indefinite future.

New York City (NEW!)

Futuristic New York City (in progress)