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Elli Asker's landscape photography typically features abstract and  and bright colors to capture the energy and vitality of the modern world. Her fine art photography is an exciting and dynamic movement that seeks to capture the energy and vitality of the modern world through the lens of a camera.

Neon city 

Eerily deserted industrial landscapes consume my "Neon City" series. Unusual vantage points in our modern world show new perspectives on the everyday places we pass through without a second thought. Now, enveloped in vivacious saturations of color and bleeds of light, they reveal sentiments beyond the mundane. Channeling the expressive spirit of masters like David Hockney and Benoît Paillé, the commonplace takes on new life in my visual perceptions and post-production of these familiar yet otherworldly scenes.


North Pole 
2023 - ongoing

The breathtaking scenery of Norway's North Pole scenery will enthrall and intrigue you. During my trip to the North Pole, I captured extraordinary beauty all around.


Gotland & Fårö 

Once I left the ferry in the harbor of the island's capital, Visby, I was greeted by the medieval flair of the island. The island metropolis, with its medieval city walls, centuries-old buildings, church ruins, and cobblestone streets, is one of the best-preserved old Hanseatic cities in Northern Europe. 

The island Fårö, which is only separated from the northern tip of Gotland by a narrow sound. Fårö has numerous Raukar formations and a number of long beaches. I was interested in the island's recent history closely linked to the director Ingmar Bergman, who lived on Fårö for many years and shot several of his films there. 

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