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Welcome to my reportage page! With my camera, we go on an incredible journey to discover how strong people can be and how beautiful nature is. I love to tell stories with my pictures: I captured moments from Stockholm Pride week, took reports of Ukrainian refugees who had to leave their homes, and of things like global warming and how we impact the Earth.

Ecological disaster

Due to the current drought, climate change, and Caspian Sea pollution, Azerbaijan's water supplies have been severely reduced. At the same time, there has never been a clearer connection between growing cattle and climate change. The upshot of farm animals' tremendous negative effects on the climate and their massive water consumption is abandoned farms, dying animals, and dried-up lakes.

This series won a Silver Award in the Tokyo International Foto Awards (TIFA) 2022


Ukrainian Refugees

As the conflict in Ukraine escalated, thousands of civilians were forced to flee their homes in search of safety. Many of these refugees ended up in makeshift camps, struggling to survive in difficult conditions.

Through my photographs, I hope to bring attention to the plight of Ukrainian refugees and inspire others to take action in support of those in need.

"Ukrainian refugees" received a winning place by curator choice in the Paris Photo Prize (PX3) "State of the World", 
 Honorable mentions in the MonoVision Photography awards and Tokyo International Foto Awards.


Love is Love: Stockholm Pride

 In this vibrant and inclusive series of reportage, I venture into the heart of Stockholm LGBT Pride, where the city erupts in a kaleidoscope of colors, joy, and celebration. Witness love in its myriad forms as we explore the kaleidoscope of relationships that thrive within the LGBT community.  Through these heartfelt portrayals, I celebrate the power of love and the importance of embracing authenticity. 


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