"A few months ago I was lucky enough to have a mentoring session with Elli and it was a great experience. Elli set up the session to suit my needs and answered all my questions comprehensively, adding further useful knowledge. Elli is very helpful, nice and a great teacher. I am very happy and determined to accept the ideas that emerged from the discussion with Elli."


"Elli pushed me to my limits as would pick some of my photos and tried to encourage me to show my pictures in competitions which I was not interested in doing as I photograph for my own fun but over the time I had changed to doing landscapes which Elli was always on hand with tips of how I could make them better with little edits and helps me decided what ones look best I would say is it was for her in encouragement I might have gave up on landscape as its so different from wildlife or sport that am used to so she help me come out my comfort zone and try new things in photography."