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Contemporary collage art is a dynamic and versatile genre of visual art that continues to evolve and innovate with each new generation of artists. Its focus on experimentation and innovation makes it an exciting and vibrant art form that appeals to a wide range of audiences. Collect collages  with confidence! 

The dance of the avant-garde and Elegy of the Unsung
2023 - ongoing

Recently, I was really captivated by the series by a Swedish photographer named Sune Sundahl (1921–2007) showcasing the famous Swedish dancer Birgit Åkesson (1908–2001). My attention was drawn to how gracefully her hands and body moved, as if they were dancing in sync with nature's gentle rhythm.

This avant-garde dance inspired me to take an avant-garde approach to image creation and adding digital collages of the dancer.

”The Dance of the Avant-Garde and Elegy of the Unsung” is a powerful fusion of avant-garde dance and storytelling that invites viewers to contemplate the resilience, strength, and beauty of women's experiences. By embracing the avant-garde spirit, this series pushes the boundaries of artistic expression while honoring the countless untold stories of women who have faced and triumphed over adversity. It serves as a reminder that each woman's life is a unique, intricate dance of her own, deserving of recognition and celebration.

Somewhere I belong?
2023 - ongoing

2022 - 2023

 "Antibody" is a series of collages that explores the intersection of abstract art and the human form. Each piece in the series is composed of images of abstract body shapes, carefully selected and arranged to create a sense of movement and energy.In this series I explores themes such as identity, connection, and embodiment, and invites the viewer to reflect on their own experiences of the body and the self. The use of abstract shapes allowed me for a sense of universality and timelessness, while the use of images of the body adds a sense of groundedness and physicality.

Collage Therapy 

Le Cirque De Moscou