Children of Ukraine - Timur

Children of Ukraine - Margarita

Please be aware:

Images from the "Children of Ukraine" initiative are not available for purchase! Please get in touch with me if you'd like to help these kids.

Inspired by Andrew Wyeth

Gotland & Fårö

My goal of visiting the island of Fårö, where the great Ingmar Bergman lived and worked, as well as the island of Gotland, where another cinematic genius, Andrei Tarkovsky, shot his final film, Sacrifice, came true this summer. I now wonder about returning to Fårö!

Still working on it.

Candy Cane Mountains (NEW!)

The Greater Caucasus mountain range includes the shale-covered "Candy Cane Mountains" in Azerbaijan. Groundwater changes the oxidation state of the iron compounds in the earth, which results in the incredible colors of the mountains. I also wanted to convey how these enigmatic mountains' colors shift with the light in this series, in addition to their incredible beauty.