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Discover My Art in Person: "Water in Diverse Forms" and Still life

I'm excited to invite you to come see my latest photography exhibitions happening soon. It's all about capturing the beauty of water in different forms and exploring the stories behind everyday objects through still life photography.

Here's where you can find me:

Solo Exhibition: "Water in Diverse Forms" at Gallery Kretsen

Date: April 6 - April 21th

Solna Konsthall Vårsalong 2024

Date: Mars 28 - April 30th

Stockholms Konstsalong Vårsalong 2024

Date: April 11th - April 21th

Strängnas Art Gallery Photography exhibition

Date: April 12th - April 18th

Zebra Gallery Vårsalong

Date: April 13th - April 18th

Come see my latest works in still life photography. It's a celebration of light, texture, and the simple joys that make life beautiful.

I'd love for you to join me and experience my art in person. Let's connect, share stories, and explore the world through my lens. See you there!

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