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On Monday 27/6 I met again Irina and her two kids. Fist time we met at the train station in Lublin in March 2022.

My gaze was stopped among the crowd of Ukrainian refugees at a pregnant woman with her daughter. There was confusion and uncertainty in her eyes. Having talked with her I understood that Irina is eight months pregnant and she has no acquaintances, friends or relatives in Europe. She arrived by train in Lublin and did not know where to go next or stay in Poland. I invited her to go to Sweden and we exchanged contacts. Irina made it to Malmö in the south of Sweden where she stayed, luckily the volunteers in Malmö helped her find accommodation. Irina safely gave birth to a baby - Yaroslava, and I am infinitely glad that we were able to meet and spend time with her, register a new citizen of Ukraine at the embassy in Stockholm.

I would like to thank everyone who has taken part in #supporting #refugees from #Ukraine over the past 3 months. Special thanks to Eva-Lena and Johan Klefbeck and their friends Anders and Renata, Grim Ferrer, Franco Beretta and #GalleryGlans and Roger Andersson.

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